Note that VERY FEW if any of these have records on line. In some cases you can write in (with a fee) to have information researched; in others, you would have to go to the actual building (in Ireland) to get the information.

If you have or know of any ELECTRONIC versions of this information, let me know! I'll post any information I have of on-line resources.

Cork Family Heritage Centres computerizing parish records
Provides search service for a fee

Cork sources for genealogy
notes on what's available and where to find it (in Real Life)

Local historical societies in County Cork
if you know what particular town your ancestors were from

Local public Libraries in County Cork
for addresses and hours

Mallow Archaeological & Historical Society
which actually DOES have some online information if you're lucky enough to have an ancestor from Mallow.

Massachusetts State Archives for vital records 1845-1905
which is not NEARLY as helpful as ...

National Archives - Northeast Regional Records Administration

in Waltham, MA for Naturalization records and passenger lists for New England states. FANTASTIC building to go lose yourself for weeks. Plan your vacation around visiting one of their microfiche machines.

The Irish Ancestral Research Association

Dept. W, P.O. Box 619, Sudbury, MA 01776

Information provided by TIARA

Documents of Interest
  • 1641 - Survey of houses
  • 1641 - Book of Survey
  • 1654 - Civil Survey
  • 1662-7 Sub Rolls
  • 1810 - Cork Dir
  • 1812 - Cork Dir
  • 1817 - Cork Dir
  • 1820s-30s - Tithe books
  • 1826 - Cork Dir
  • 1828 - Cork Dir
  • 1846 - Cork Dir (gap from 1828)
  • 1851 - 3 - Griffith's Valuation
  • 1901 - Census

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