Greetings! You have reached Shea / Shay Central. This site has over 1,000 links - with actual Irish records, shipping records, many genealogies, homepages, and more. If there would be a way I can make navigating this easier, please let me know.

The Shea Genealogies: actual on line genealogies
The Shea Home Pages: Sheas of today
Shea On-Line Records: US census, Ships, Irish church records, etc.
Shea Queries: Hunts for Ancestors
County Cork Sources: Snail-mail for more information.
Shea Background: Where did they come from?
MASTER CLAN PAGE with history and images
Patrick O'Shea's Monster Shea Database

Cork & Ross Diocese, where many Sheas come from
Great County Cork IRL Information
Lisa's list of Irish Movies, every one she could find!!
Lisa's day-by-day of her 3 weeks in Ireland, avoiding the tourist traps and living like a native!
Lisa returns to Ireland, this time for a funeral.
The Irish SIG
Hints for Finding Someone

Please Contact Lisa Shea with your address and description to be added if you're a Shea type!

Please make sure, if it's genealogical, to include as many dates and details as possible! As you know, there are tons of Sheas out there. Just saying "I want Patrick Shea from Co. Cork" will not get you very far!

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