Hentai and Anime

There has always been a racy side to comic novels. For every Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse, there's been a female hero dressed in skin-tight clothing. Hentai takes this one step further.

In essence, hentai is anime that focusses on semi-naked or naked females. This is of course aimed at an adult audience. It falls into the category of Playboy - it's meant to be looked at, but there is typically a story line too which might actually be of very high quality.

It's the same situation with R rated movies - you can have an R rated movie that has nudity in it, but that also has a stellar, fascinating plot. The nudity is an integral part of how the story progresses. It makes the movie a great one - but one for an adult audience to appreciate.

Most hentai are pretty clearly labelled as such, so that only mature buyers can purchase these items. However, it's always good to know the terms used in the anime and manga worlds. If you're an adult and are looking for hentai, there are certainly many different styles out there to choose from. However, if you're a child - or the parent of a child - it's wise to know that hentai is a genre of anime that it's best to keep an eye out for in a different manner.

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