.hack//SIGN Episode 1: Roleplay

A boy is in a cave-like area. He is on the ground. He stands up and examines a chest. "What was it?" he says. A girl with a sword comes in and introduces herself as Mimiru. She says she never sees Wavemasters alone. He teleports away. The boy is outside. 3 men in armor walk toward him. They say they are the 13th Squadron of the Crimson Knights. They were formed to watch over "The World". They say he was seen with a "Cat" player, and such a player must have been illegally hacked. The boy teleports away. The Knights say he should be monitored. The boy's near a gate. Mimiru teleports near him and asks if he always does that. He ignores her. She says he's not acting smart. He says it doesn't matter, because he can just log out. Then he stands up. He says it's too difficult to explain. She asks what he plans if he encounters the Knights. He says that it "could be fun". He says if he gets in trouble he just won't access it. He teleports away. He's now riding a beast of some kind. It keeps hitting walls. He stands near a fountain, now, and throws something in. An Aqua thing comes out and asks if he dropped a gold or silver axe. He attacks it. A person behind him laughs and says his name is Bear. The boy runs. A mage woman comes over the hill and says he abandoned her in battle.

There is a boat on a river. The Crimson Knights leader and a woman carrying an axe are talking, and they refer to "Lord Orca" (Orca of the Azure Sea) and "Lord Balmung" (Balmung of the Azure Sky). The CK leader says there's nothing to worry about. The girl says she's more worried that they needed to take action. Now the boy is near a warp gate. Mimuru comes again. He turns away. Mimuru makes noises at him. He asks if she can exit the world. She says she can. He walks off. She follows him and he tells her that he can't exit the game. He says he can't remember anything. She says he should reset his terminal. He tries to run off. She lectures him on manners. He says more politely that she should leave him alone. They hate each other. She slaps him. He says that it hurt. He says, "Why me? Why me?"

The axe girl and CK leader are talking to a guy. He says he saw the cat guy. The boy is in front of a chest. He remembers he was hurt when he opened it. The cat guy appears in front of him. He asks it what he should do. He opens it. A stone tablet comes out. A woman's voice comes, and says she's been waiting for him. It says "as long as we walk together, I shall always protect you." The CK leader comes in to attack him. The boy says he runs because it's "fun". They fight. The boy is bashed against the wall. A jelly thing whaps the Knight. There's a ring in its center. It traps him and sucks his energy. He dies. It turns to him and "sniffs" him. Then it disappears. The boy is in a city. He says it's not so bad to be stuck. There are "flashbacks". A boy is lying on the floor. There's a computer near him.

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By Kirbyoto, of the Futile Existence.

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