.hack//SIGN Episode 2: Guardian

The episode starts with the previous episode's boy standing in a thunderstorm under a tree. He says "No way". Scene switches to him in a sunny pasture. He throws a plant to a pig thing. It grows and leaves. Bear comes and asks if he read the message board. He says "It's not my problem" and leaves. He runs into Mimuru. He walks by her. She's offended. Bear appears in front of her. Mimuru and Bear get to talking about the Cat character and the Crimson Knights. They talk about "Tsukasa" and him not getting out of the world (Tsukasa is the boy). The girl mage from last episode is running. Suddenly something jumps at her. He carries two blade and has her in his grasp. He asks for her member address. She says no, and he kills her. The Crimson Knights are talking to the axe girl and say they are in "Root Town" and say the Silver Knight is not logged on (the knight that Tsukasa's guardian killed). The knight says that the Silver Knight was fond of her. They say he didn't like "Crim". Suddenly Tsukasa warps in front of a group of knights and runs away. He's now under a tree, and the cat player appears. Bear and the lady mage are talking. She says the guy's name was Sora. Bear says that there is no Goal so that all the players make there own. Some guards appear, talk and leave. Back to Tsukasa. The cat is making signs at him. Tsukasa says that he is at his "Hideout". Sora the Player Killer is in a dungeon that Tsukasa's in. He's going to try to kill Tsukasa and rob him. Tsukasa pushes through a wall. Sora is unhappy. Tsukasa is "outside", in a way. There is a girl floating unconcious in midair. He says "I wonder...who are you?"

Mimuru, the Lady Mage and Bear are talking about Tsukasa and his inability to log out. Bear says "What if you couldn't reset the terminal?" He talks about playing a solo RPG, and whenever he got in bad, he resetted. He wonders what happened to the little worlds that he abandoned. Tsukasa is in the place. The voice that he heard before. It tells him to contact Mimuru. It says his guardian is with him. It bestows a power on him. Bear sees the axe lady on the boat. Mimuru said she read the board and Tsukasa sent her an E-Mail saying she wanted to meet with him. He's on another server. In a field, Sora meets with some Crimson Knights. He asks for info about Tsukasa. He says he wants to be his ally. Mimuru and Bear meet with Tsukasa. He says he's not sitting in front of a terminal. Bear says that it's impossible to move through servers without the Chaos Gate. The Crimson Knights are actively searching for him. Tsukasa says he received the power. Tsukasa says he doesn't care. Mimuru says it's not right to let the player be hurt. Tsukasa's guardian attacks them. He can't stop it.

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