.hack//SIGN Episode 3: Folklore

This episode opens in Root Town. The Silver Knight is back, and talking to the Axe Lady. The lady's name is Subaru. Someone named Crim left the Crimson Knights. Subaru doesn't want to talk about him. Cut to Bear and the Lady Mage. They are talking about Tsukasa, and Bear is troubled about the fact that he's "playing under an entirely different set of rules". Now they're talking about a hidden item, and the lady mage says Tsukasa probably got it. Now Sora the knife guy is standing on a statue. The Subaru lady goes to him. Sora says that "The Key of the Twilight" is what he wants to talk about. Mimuru is in a dungeon. Bear asks if she contacted him. She says he wasn't on this server. Then she doesn't want to interfere, because she's annoyed. Tsukasa's in his special place. Then he has a flashback. He has a kitty. Someone takes it away. He reaches out to the floating girl from the previous episode. His guardian's voice says that if he touches her, she will be imbued with his color. It tells him to do as he wishes. Back at the Chaos gate, Sora and Subaru come back. Subaru explains to Silver Knight why she is worried. She says that Sora says the Key of the Twilight exists. This worries her. Sora says Tsukasa is at the center of all the problems.

Tsukasa is playing with his Guardian, and he says "Fetch". Now Mimuru is playing with one of the little pig things. Bear asks about the Mail. She heard from Tsukasa. She doesn't want to meet with him. Bear says he'd go. Then Bear goes to a dark spire/church place. Bear tells Tsukasa that Mimuru didn't want to come. Tsukasa wonders if Mimuru hates him. He summons his guardian. Now he says he's trained it. Bear is unimpressed. Tsukasa runs away. The lady mage is in a field. She feels a shadow, but there is nothing there. Sora appears. Subaru and SK come. Mimuru and Bear come in. Mimuru says that he's part a victim. Flashback to the whole "I know you're not my enemy, but I can't stop it" thing. Bear got beat up. The cat guy appears and stops the guardian. Then both it and the guardian disappear. Sora asks for player adresses. They talk about the Key of the Twilight. Tsukasa's at some ruins. His guardian is with him. They stand in front of the sunset together.

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