.hack//SIGN Episode 4: Wanted

There is a plain. Mimiru teleports in and hears two guys talking about a new skill (Tomato heard about it-pronounced Toh-Mah-To!) In Root Town, Subaru and Bear are talking. Subaru says the log files say Tsukasa's been on for 10 straight days. Now Tsukasa's in his happy place. He wonders what happens if he "Dyes" here (that's what the subtitles said!). His guardian is saying there is a place where the "Three" (?) of them can adventure. Flashback. A little boy is in front of a window. Tsukasa says "Mother"...that's the voice. Mimiru and the lady mage are talking. Mimiru gets a page from Sora. The Lady Mage asks if they should meet up with himn. They go into a Mushroom land. Sora says he got away from the Knights. He says he was with the Knights because of information. He doesn't think that Tsukasa has the Key of the Twilight. Subaru and the Silver Knight are talking about Tsukasa. Again. She says he even boggles the System Administration. Sora comes. He mocks them. He says they should put up Wanted notices. Flashback. Somebody's walking and smoking away from a hospital.

Bear and Mimuru go into a dungeon. Bear says he may have found Tsukasa outside the world. Then a monster appears. They fight it. Bear says he found a girl lying in a coma. Now back to Subaru. She told the system admin to restrict Tsukasa's access. Even though that happened, Tsukasa can still move around. Now Mimuru and Bear are at the church-place. They meet with him. She apologizes for not coming earlier. He says it's okay, and shows her the guardian. She asks if he's a girl. He says no. He wonders what they're up to. He's unhappy they snooped around. Tsukasa's in a castle. People are running in it. His guardian comes out. Girls with spears attack him. They say now he must fight them. The guardian attacks them. It beats the girls and doesn't stop. Subaru and SK say now Tsukasa's outside of the rules. He tells the knights to capture and bind him. Tsukasa's back in his secret place. "What does this mean?" he asks.

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