.hack//SIGN Episode 5: Captured.

There is a wasteland. A guy with a spear says "It's been too long! Now I'm back!" He finds Tsukasa. He says his name is Crim. He's helpful. Tsukasa teleports away. Back in the green plain place. Mimuru is approached by a guy who says he wants to party. She says she's waiting for someone. Bear comes. Mimuru doesn't like that they're putting up Wanted posters, and doesn't like that people will be saying things like "THAT Tsukasa". SK tells Subaru that Tsukasa is lying low. At some ruins, the Lady Mage is leaning against a wall. She starts running. Someone is running after her. She raises her staff at a pillar. It's Sora. The mage says that she has information for him. She'll lure out Tsukasa. Subaru's at a throne. Crim finds her. He apologizes for calling her there for no real reason. She says he was never one for reading message boards. Tsukasa's in his special place. The girl is now floating. He whacks the bushes. The cat comes out. He calls it "Mother". The guardian actually isn't the talking thing. It's just a pet, or something.

Subaru and SK meet with Sora. He has a way to lure out Tsukasa. She's not interested. Then Mimuru and the Lady Mage meet. She says Tsukasa's not the only person who has a guardian. Then it cuts to Sora, and they are talking about the same thing. Sora says if he wasn't unique, he wouldn't be special. Mimuru and Bear are in an arctic place. They ask if it was a mistake to call Tsukasa. The Crimson Knights and Sora are now waiting for Tsukasa. The lady mage is on the building. Sora says the plan is to push Tsukasa into a barrier zone. The lady mage is named BT. Mimuru tells Tsukasa to run. He doesn't. The Crimson Knights attack and surround him. The guardian fights the guys. Tsukasa says he's not afraid. Subaru comes and asks what's going on. She says she did not authorize this attack. The guardian kills a guy. Crim comes and attacks Tsukasa. They bind Tsukasa. They teleport him to a barrier. He's put in a jail.

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