.hack sign

A great blend of MMORPG action and anime styling, .hack//SIGN tells the tale of an online roleplaying world that some are permanently stuck in.

Many know this series from the Cartoon Network showings, while others are playing the Playstation 2 games .hack Infection and .hack Mutation. All involve the same storyline and environment.

You have a group of kids who are playing in an online MMORPG, with lovely anime graphics. Unfortunately, a few kids have gone into a coma from the gameplay and it seems that something strange is going on with the World.

The characters have real life personae as well as their in-game characters, and can send each other email and bulletin board messages while they try to figure out what is going on. In addition to the gorgeous graphics, there is also a great soundtrack to go with it.

Not a bash-and-blood series, more of a long, detailed story that slowly unfolds on many levels. So settle in with a bowl of popcorn and enjoy!


Episode 1: Roleplay
Episode 2: Guardian
Episode 3: Folklore
Episode 4: Wanted
Episode 5: Captured

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