".hack//SIGN", sometimes known as "Dot Hack Sign", is an Anime series about an online game and the sinister secrets it hides. The series takes place in The World, a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. The main character is Tsukasa (well, that's his online name, anyways), a boy who was once basically an online jerk, annoying people, being rude, and such. One of the times he tried to log out of the game, his mind got messed up somehow, and he lost almost all his memories of real life. Also, he's prevented somehow from logging out of the game, and it becomes real for him. Pain he takes hurts him, rather than just being for his character. Tsukasa must try to find a way out of the game and unravel its dark secrets.

The World, the game this series takes place in, is actually done with a lot of detail. Players of the PS2 games, .hack//INFECTION and .hack//MUTATION, will recognize it well. There are player classes, like Blademaster, Heavy Axeman, Twin Blade, and Wavemaster (a kind of mage). Tsukasa is a Wavemaster. The characters he meets are all of the different classes. Mimuru, an uppity girl he meets, is a Heavy Blade. Bear, a knowledgable, older player, is a Blademaster. Sora, an unscrupulous, slightly insane Player Killer, is a Twin Blade. There are also various other elements that are used. Grunties, fuzzy pig-like things that can be raised and rode, are in it, as well as the "Chaos Gates", which get characters from place to place.
The animation and graphics in this are extraordinary. Everything is crisp, smooth, and pleasantly colored. The sound and music is also pretty nice. I'd recommend this to anybody who plays the games or any online games, or any fantasy fan.

-By Kirbyoto, of the Futile Existence.

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Episode 1: Roleplay
Episode 2: Guardian
Episode 3: Folklore
Episode 4: Wanted
Episode 5: Captured

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