Inuyasha Episode List - Season 3

Everything Happens on Togenkyo's Night (2)
The Apprentince Volunteer of Young Sisters
Black Miko, Curse of Fifty Years
The Appeared Kikyo and the Shikigami User
Tsubaki's Bottomless Spells
The Red and White Mikos Blocking the Way
Tahou Towers, Giant Oni
Goodbye to the Days of the Young
Naraku's Barrier, Kagura's Decision
The Wind of Betrayl: Blowing out of Control
Shippo's Battle Royale of Anger
The Terror of the Man with No Face
Onigumo's, Recovered Memory
The Batte of the Three, to the Death
Toutosai's Odd Training
Shiori's Mother and Shiori's Feelings
The Red Tetsusaiga that Breaks the Barrier
The Four Cat Demon's Scheme
The Targets are Sesshomaru and Inu Yasha
Hyounekozoku and the Two Swords of Teeth
Aiming for Sango, Only You
Jaken's Tetsusaiga Snatching Operation
Sesshomaru and the Abducted Rin
Finally Broken: Naraku's Mystery
The Present and Sengoku Jidai's Connection
Girl Yourouzoku and the Great Promise
Super Speed Marriage Deal
Evil Spirits Rising, Demon's Severed Head
Hidden Princess' Secret
Wandering Kikyo's Solitary Journey

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