Inuyasha - Kagome Costumes

Are you a fan of Inuyasha or Kagome? Here are a collection of costumes that will help you get into the spirit of things! Note that I don't personally recommend the pre-made costumes that I've linked to - I haven't worked with any of these companies. But it helps to see how others have made the costume, to print out those photos and get ideas. I *highly* recommend making these yourself, they're not that hard.

The outfit for Inuyasha has three main parts. First, you need a long-sleeved white shirt with a V-heck. You can take a long sleeved t-shirt and cut the neck to a deeper V. This shirt only is only seen in thin stripes beneath the outer layer. Next, you want a red shirt that has long sleeves and a V-neck. The ends of the sleeves by your wrist needs to be open and loose. You then make a cut across the top half of each sleeve, on the upper arm area.

For pants, they are loose and red, to match the top. They tie around the waist with a wide red belt. To finish off the outfit, buy or make a samurai sword for the waist.

Premade Costume - $180
Premade Costume - $200

Kagome's outfit is a typical Japanese schoolgirl outfit. Start with a white long-sleeved shirt with teal-green cuffs. Next, create a teal green collar to lay on top, white a white stripe for accent. The skirt is a simple short teal green pleated one. A red bow at the neck finishes the outfit.

Premade Costume - $120
Premade Costume - $130

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