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In 1978, Ralph Bakshi brought out an animated film, The Lord of the Rings, which covered books 1 and 2 of the famous trilogy by JRR Tolkein. This was the first time that the classic trilogy had been attempted as a movie, but many were disappointed by the combination of questionable animation and "rotoscoping" that made up the movie. Rotoscoping is when they film a live action sequence, and then "color over" the action with pseudo-animation.

The voice actors used were of quite good quality - from John Hurt as Aragorn to Anthony Daniels as Legolas. The music was also reasonably good, bringing a sense of adventure to the story.

At the time, many complained about how much was left out of the story. However, with the new Peter Jackson films leaving out quite a bit even at twice the length, it might be understood now what a challenge it was to even FIT the two books into a movie length. And to Ralph's credit, the story was pretty much spot-on, with the characters and relationships accurately portrayed.

It really does come down to the animation that most people object to. All of the characters look "goofy". Sam especially is on the bizarre side, but all of the characters look like rejects from the Bree tavern. Legolas is waif-like and Gimli looks like Dopey, the 7th Dwarf. Boromir looks like a Viking escapee.

Still, the movie is a very interesting look at how many thought about Lord of the Rings for almost 25 years - up until the release of the live action film by Peter Jackson.

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