Ralph Bakshi - Lord of the Rings

Ralph Bakshi directed the Spider Man TV series, and also handled the Fritz the Cat movie, Wizards and Cool World. He is probably best known for his questionable treatment of the Lord of the Rings in 1978.

Ralph was born in 1938 and grew up in Brooklyn. He actually graduated with a cartooning diploma and worked for Terrytoons as a cell painter. He was a director of shows for Mighty Mouse and related properties by age 25. He directed the Spider Man show.

In 1971 he moved into movies with the adult feature Fritz the Cat. He has continued since then to make movies and also create artwork.

You can read the Full Review of Lord of the Rings. In essence while the screenplay and voices were good, the animation / rotoscope combination was pretty atrocious.

I actually have some fondness for the movie Wizards. Read the Wizards Review. It was sort of a cute if semi-pornographic tale of a dirty-old-man wizard, a big-busted blonde and their aim to save the cute, fluffy animals of the world from the evil Nazi-boots of technology. It was very bizarre, but it had some great lines. It also is hindered by the rotoscoping technique.

In essence rotoscope is when they film a live scene with real actors, and then "color over" the results to give it an animated look.

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