The Hobbit - Animated

The only Hobbit on film was created by Arthur Rankin, Jr., who later created the made-for-TV rendition of Return of the King. Released in 1977, the animated Hobbit was the introduction for millions of people to the fantastic world of JRR Tolkein.

The voices are great. Orson Bean is a great Bilbo, and John Huston does a wise but caring Gandalf. The story is quite accurate to the book, bringing Bilbo along on his journey, allowing him to grow and mature as he takes each step.

The animation is quite reasonable, and much, much better than the Lord of the Rings movie which came out in 1978, produced by Ralph Bakshi. The characters aren't goofy looking, and look reasonably like the book says they should. The various locations do bring to mind the book's descriptions.

Some thought the songs were annoying, but after all this was a movie aimed at kids. I know many adults who sing those songs sometimes :) The ones in Return of the King are especially catchy and you can get one of those stuck in your head all day.

All in all, a great way to get people interested in the books, so they go and read the originals.

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