Lord of the Rings - Ringwraiths

The animated feature Lord of the Rings from 1978 created its own take on Tolkein's creatures and world. Here are images of the ringwraiths.

First, the ringwraith and his mount. Yes, the mount is black. But the ringwraith looks more like a cross between a mummy and a zombie. Not really much of a threatening king / swordsman.

This next classic shot is pretty much duplicated in Jackson's Lord of the Rings. It is when the ringwraith is searching for Frodo and his crew near the beginning of the story.

The classic bed-attack is pretty much as per the book, therefore as per the Jackson movie too.

When the wraiths attack Frodo on Weathertop, Aragorn rushes to his aid. This is from Frodo's point of view when he has the ring on - so the wraith is dark and solid, while Aragorn is ghostly.

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