Neon Genesis Evangelion Episode 1: Angel Attack

The setting is Earth, in the year 2015. A helicopter flies over a ruined, half-submerged city. Under it, a strange, giant thing swims in the water. Many tanks line a road, all guns pointed at the water. In the non-submerged part of the city, all is quiet and empty. A loudspeaker indicates that The folder says "Shinji Ikari". The boy (Shinji, apparently) is trying to make a call. He sees some planes attacking a giant walking robot. In a command center, someone says "The Angels are back". THe planes and the Angel shoot each other. Shinji is rescued by the woman in the car. The Angel shoots down some of the planes. The army is having problems with the Angel. Tank batallions are getting smashed. A scientist says it has an AT field, and conventional weapons can't hurt it. In the car, the woman says that they're going to use an N-2 Mine, and pulls down Shinji. Big mushroom cloud.The car is thrown away. The military peopole are cheering. The computer says "Shock wave approaching". The woman's name is Misato. It turns out the Angel is still there. Misato calls somebody. She took some batteries. The Angel regenerates himself. It can upgrade itself. They go to NERV, a secret organization run by the UN. The generals give the opportunity to attack to "Mr. Ikari", who is Shinji's dad. Shiji asks Misato if they'll see his father. Shinki doesn't really get along with his dad. They're in the base. She got lost. Another woman comes in (Ritsuko). She chews out Misato, then turns to Shinji. Shinji sees the robot, and talks to his father. They say Shinji is the new pilot. They say "Rei" took 7 months to synchronize with her Eva. Shinji isn't happy. He doesn't believe in himself. He says he can't pilot it. They say the Angel must have sensed them. They call Rei, because Shinji won't do it. Rei is on an IV drip. There was a quake. The Eva protected Shinji. It doesn't normally move by itself. Shinji says he'll pilot it, because Rei is all hurt and stuff. They put Shinji in. There's some Gelled Oxygenated stuff (it's real! They do it with mice!). They launch the Eva. Then it goes, "To be continued".

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