Neon Genesis Evangelion Episode 2: Unfamiliar Ceiling

(Continuation of Episode 1).

Shinji learns to walk in the Eva. He trips. The Angel grabs him by the arm. It proceeds to whup him like a wimpy little schoolboy. It breaks his arm, etcetera, blasts its head. Shinji is in a bed. He says the ceiling is unfamiliar. Some guys are talking, including Mr. Ikari. They say the same thing happened 15 years ago. Theres's a whole Public Relations thing. The guys say Mr. Ikari should focus on other stuff. Shinji's in a hospital. Rei is wheeled by. Misato and Ritsuko are driving. Ritsuko says Shinji woke up. Misato goes to Shinji. Then Shinji encounters his dad. They don't speak. Shinji sleeps in his own room.

Misato decides to let Shinji live with her. They drive to an area overwatching the compound. Air raid sirens start. Some buildings actually come out of the ground, forming a city. Misato says it's Tokyo 3, built to withstand Angel attacks. Misato tells Shinji to go into her apartment. He doesn't really want to. It's very messy. She just has party stuff like snacks and beer in he fridge. He says he's not used to instant dinners. She says, "ARE YOU BEING FINICKY???" They do Rock, Paper, Scissors for chores. Shinji loses a lot. Then there's a Penguin in the shower as his other roomate. Shinji says that trouble always seems to find him in the bath. His father is callous as far as the children go.

Misato is in a bath, and talking to Ritsuko. She is sorry she thought of Shinji as a tool. Shinji is remembering the Angel battle. After he gets his butt kicked, the Eva reactivates. It goes berserk. It runs into an AT field. The Eva regenerates its hand and breaks through the field. Now the Eva kicks the Angel's butt, ripping it apart. The angel self-destructs. The Eva is in its true form. Then Shinji is back in the base. The Eva sprouts an eye. Then back in the present, Misato says good night to Shinji.

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