Neon Genesis Evangelion Episode 3: The Phone that never rings.

Shinji is in a cockpit of an Eva, wearing a jumpsuit. He's recieving audio training. He does things mindlessly, like a robot. Back in the apartment, Shinji tries to wake up Misato. She was on night duty, so she keeps sleeping. He leaves for school. She tells him to bring burnable trash to the garbage. Ritsuko calls Misato. Misato gave Shinji a cell phone, but he doesn't use it. She thinks he has no friends. He's very withdrawn. In the classroom, some students are talking. A person comes in. His name's Toji. Not many people are in the class. They all moved away. Toji's sister was crushed by some rubble, but not killed. The teacher comes in. He says that at the end of the 20th century, a meteor crashed into Antartica. There were all sorts of stuff that was bad. The kids send Shinji an email asking if he's a pilot. He says yes. They all go "!!!" The teacher doesn't notice. Obliviousness to the tenth power! They all swamp him with questions. He says he's not supposed to talk about it. Toji beats up Shinji. The other guy apologizes for him. Shinji said he had no choice about the Eva, which annoys Toji more. Rei tells Shinji there's an emergency, then runs off. Now there is a different angel. It comes and attacks. The city starts submerging. All the people have evacuated. They say the first Angel came 15 years ago. Misato says the creatures are aliens. Toji and the boy (Kensuke) are talking. Kensuke wants to go see the battle. The Evas launch. Kensuke says he's been waiting for this moment his whole life. The Eva shoots at the angel. He runs out of ammo. They send him a spare rifle. He's knocked down. The umbilical power cord is snapped out. The angel beats up Shinji's eva.
The classmate people are told to get in. Shinji throws the angel away. Shinji goes into blood lust mode. He repeats "I musn't retreat!" over and over again. The timer of battery life ticks down. As it shuts down, the Angel's armor, stabbed by Shinji, cracks and breaks. The two mecha are both frozen in place. Back in school, it's rainy. Shinji stops coming to school for a while. Toji is worried, so Kensuke gives him Shinji's phone number to apologize for beating Shinji up.

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