Neon Genesis Evangelion Episode 4: Rain, Escape and Afterwards

Misato wakes up. She tries to wake Shinji up. He hasn't been to school in five days. He's run away. Suzahara (Toji) and Aida (Kensuke)are at the door. She says that Shinji went to the NERV training center. Shinji's on a train, listening to music. He doesn't get off, even at the last stop. He says, "I gotta go back". He's watching a movie. It's about the whole Meteor thing. (Strange scene: Some people are making out, and Shinji smiles for no apparent reason). Shinji has a disturbing hallucination, with all messed-up-ness.

Shinji's now in the country. Misato and Ritsuko are talking. They say they need to have 14 year old kids as pilots. Misato remembers yelling at Shinji. Aida is play-acting a battle. He sees Shinji, and they camp out together. They wake up the next morning, and men in black suits surround them. They take Shinji to NERV headquarters. Misato meets with Shinji. He expects her to yell at him. He says that it's unrealistic to force everything on Rei, so he will do it. She yells at him for having a bad attitude. Ritsuko says the third child is coming from Tokyo-3. The fourth child hasn't been found yet.

Shinji resigns. Toji tells Shinji to hit him back for hitting him. They're more compassionate now.

Ritsuko and Misato are talking about Shinji's resignation. Misato says she understands the Hedgehog's Dilemma now. Shinji is on a train. He hears Misoto's voice. Misoto drives to the station, but she's too late. But she sees Shinji on the other side of the tracks. He never left at all! They stare at each other. He says, "I...I'm home". Misoto says, "Welcome home".

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