Samurai Showdown - The Motion Picture

Samurai Showdown (Samurai Spirits in Japan) was a SNK fighting game series that spanned 4 great games. The story begins in the 15th year of Kannei. The Shogun's soldiers fight rebels. All across the world, people sense that "The Seal of Ambrosia" has been broken. A mist forms into a skull over a castle and strikes it, causeing it to shoot fire at all the soldiers fighting and then collapse. Haohmaru is looking is looking for "Shiro" in the castle. She comes, and she is evil. She tells him to join her. They fight. She laughs. Suddenly she is blasted. Other "Holy warriors" arrive. They attack her. She blasts them. Haohmaru attacks again. They are all sealed in blue flame, but are rescued by red globe things. She attacks their souls. She says that they will be reborn in 100 years. That's how it starts.

Gradually, the Holy Warriors reunite. Then they must face Shiro and her forces in the ultimate battle. All the characters from SS1 come in at some point, except for Ukyo, who is my favorite (though he is on the box...). They all fit into the plot in their own way.

The animation is pretty good, but average for anime. The music and such are also average on the good side. I would recommend this to a player of the games, or of Feudal Japan.

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By Kirbyoto, of the Futile Existence.

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