Stripperella - Pamela Anderson

In Stan Lee's wackiest animated feature yet, Pamela Anderson lends the voice of Erotica Jones - stripper by night, superhero at dawn. Stan Lee is famous for his X-Men and Spidermen cartoons amongst others.

The animated feature gets input from Pam and features a hard rock kind of feel to it. Many of Pam's friends and fans pop in for cameos, and the wild jokes keep the show moving.

Strpierella's super powers are as silly as you might imagine them to be. Her poufy hair lets her float to the ground from great heights. She can do a scizzor-ella move with her thighs that grabs a bad guy between them. Her breasts are lie detectors - a guy who touches them cannot tell a lie without it being known. And her tongue has a digital scanner.

Stripperella, courtesy of TNN

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