Teen Titans - Young Superheros

Teen Titans brings together a group of teen-aged superheros who must battle typical teen angst and super-villans to save the world.

The series was first shown in July 2003, and is the creation of Glen Murakami. Glen is also known for his work with Justice League, Superman and Batman Beyond.

The heroes of Teen Titans are:

Robin the Boy Wonder (Batman's sidekick)
Robin is the leader of the group, and has great discipline and training plus a quite-useful utility belt.

Beast Boy
Beast Boy is the joker of the group, and can turn into any animal he wants. This includes dinosaurs!

Cyborg is, as you probably guess, half man, half machine. His is incredibly strong but also has a powerful temper.

Raven can exert influence on inanimate objects, and is dark and cynical. She is the loner of the group.

Starfire comes from another planet and is the newest addition to the Teen Titans. She's very cheerful and optomistic, and is always trying to learn more about her new home.

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