Howl's Moving Castle - Hayao Miyazaki

The brilliant creator of Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke is back with what some are calling his best movie ever.

The movie features his typically glowing artwork combined with fantastic voice talents of cinema greats such as Lauren Bacall and Jean Simmons. These aren't Disney stories that Hayao writes - they are complex journies that really make you think about life and how you live it.

The star of the movie, Sophie, begins as an 18 year old girl who becomes "cursed" with the body of an elderly 90 year old woman. There is a jealous witch, a moving castle, a quest, love, war, and more. The movie is rated PG - this isn't a kiddie flick. It's a great movie for parents to see with their kids, to discuss the many issues involved in the story.

The full release of this movie is today - 6/19 - so be sure to get out to the theaters and watch it on the big screen! We'll be posting a full review of the movie next weekend. We'll keep a discussion of the storyline separate, so that those who haven't seen it yet do not get the ending spoiled!

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