Hamtaro the Hamster - a History

It's really amazing how popular this anime hamster has gotten. Hamtaro and his Ham-Ham group are found in comics, on TV, on posters and in books!

The series was first created by Ritsuko Kawaii, and vaulted to fame when it became a staple on the Cartoon Network. The story tells of a cute hamster, Hamtaro, who is cared for by ten-year-old Laura. When Laura is around, he's a wonderful pet - just like many children around the world have a little hamster.

However, when Laura goes off to school, Hamtaro and his Ham-Ham crew get together and have fun! They get into all sorts of mischief and try to help out as best they can.

Each hamster has its own astrology sign and personality, and have even built up their own collection of unique words. Read on for more information about the Hamtaro clan!


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