The Last Unicorn

Arthur Rankin, Jr. who created the Hobbit and Return of the King made a different kind of movie in 1982 - one focussing on a unicorn in search of her kind.

Based on the book by Peter Beagle, the plot and dialogue is quite impressive, involving the talents of Jeff Bridges and Mia Farrow in the two main roles. Mia is a unicorn who disguises herself as a human, and who believes she is the last unicorn left.

The movie appeals to kids, with its wizards, unicorns, love and romance. But it also appeals to young adults and adults - because behind the simple tale is a depth of complexity. The unicorn risks all for the hope of soothing her loneliness, others act out of needs and fears and desires and hopes. This isn't a movie about "true evil squashes simple good." It's a movie that most of us can really relate to, with very human emotions.

The musical soundtrack was done by America, and fits in with the themes beautifully. It's not a loud epic - it's a story of wandering and hope, of loneliness and concern. The music draws you into that very well.

The animation is typical Rankin, similar to the Hobbit and Return of the King. The characters are "comfortable" - sort of the kindly, well-worn farmer that lives down the lane, who you are fond of despite his odd appearance. The guys aren't "handsome", they're kind. The girls aren't "beautiful", but they're gentle. Which perhaps is the most important lesson of all.

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