Akira takes place in 2019 Neo Tokyo, 31 years after world war three. It's about some motor cycle gangs at first...but I'll wait to get into that. The animation quality is pretty good I think, but I don't particualarly like the drawing style. It doesn't seem very anime-e to me. The voices fit the characters pretty well but one of the chatacters sounds like Tai from the first season of Digimmon(Haha, Digimon).

I've found that that voice seems to play evil characters alot. I forgot where the other places I heard it from...but i(i've decided 'i' shouldn't be capitalized) digress! ^_^" The movie is pretty violent in general...and bloody, but that can be good i guess?? The plot...is...well it's weird. It's pretty confusing.

So basically this movie is about some psycic kids who look old but are still short and have kid-like voices. One of Kaneda's (the main character-leader of the motorcycle gang) friends (Tetsuo [who sounds like Tai]) finds out that he, too, has the psycic poweres. He wants to use these powers at first merely to get revenge on people who have tormented him, but eventualy he goes mad with the power and wants to punish the world for things that have happened to him. Kaneda wants to help him but there isn't much they can do, but i don't want to spoil it for you. I was pretty surprised when Tetsuo's girlfriend shirt got ripped off, but i can deal with this. Also you can't forget that the police are insanely violent. Even at one point they shoot this guy lots of times so he is propped up by the power of the bullets. So who is Akira? I won't tell you! HAHAHAHAHA!

Personally, i didn't like this movie. I'm not one for sci-fi movies. I'm mostly into fantasy stuff, like medieval fantasy stuff. The plot was strange. I don't know whether to call it deep or not. It left a lot of questions unanswered, and in my opinion was over violent. Also i wish that the faces were more anime-e.

If you're into motorcycles, sci-fi, and/or psycic powers, then this would be good for you. It's got some pretty cool psychic effects, I always enjoys those. Everyone loves to see things get thrown around and destroyed by someone's mind...mehehehe.

-Ashwara, of the Futile Existance

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