Sailor Moon 1: A Moon Star Is Born

In the very first episode of Sailor Moon, we begin with a wonderful civilization on the moon that is destroyed by the evil queen, Beryl. The good moon Queen sends her princess and protectors into the future to be safe.

Fast-forward to the future. Beryl, an evil Queen, says it is time to attack earth. She needs energy, though, and her minions have to get it for her.

Switch over to Serena, a flaky blonde 14 year old girl, who is always late to school and who loves the Sailor V video game. Serena runs into Luna the cat, who is being tormented by bullies. Serena also runs into a dark haired boy who is cute, but who teases her.

Luna tells Serena that Serena is actually Sailor Moon and must defend the Princess of the Moon and fight evil.

Serena doesn't believe her but gives the "Moon Prism Power" command when told to, to change into her uniform. She realizes her best friend, Molly, is in trouble. Serena goes to help and finds that all of the women in Molly's mom's jewelry shop are now zombies. Serena is overwhelmed by it all and starts crying.

Suddenly a handsome masked boy, "Tuxedo Mask", shows up with a rose. He tells her to stand up for herself. Serena learns how to do "Moon Tiara Magic" to use her tiara as a weapon, and defeats the zombies.

Back with the evil Queen, the bad guys are disappointed that they haven't gotten the energy.

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