Sailor Moon 2: Talk Radio

In this second episode of Sailor Moon, Serena learns more about her moon powers and starts to become more sure of herself.

First, the bad guys decide they're going to suck energy from earthlings who are in love. You see Serena and Molly listening to a midnight show that talks about love. They hear a letter from their teacher, Miss H. The next day, she's very upset and falls asleep immediately. The ambulance comes to take her away.

Serena goes to the studio, but the studio guard claims there is no such show. Luna says it's strange that the show isn't in the paper either. Molly writes in a letter which is read, and the next morning Molly gets a flower from the station. It puts her into a sleep, and since Serena is nearby, she falls asleep too. She dreams of Tuxedo Mask.

Luna wakes Serena up, and the two go back to the radio station. Luna gives Serena a "Lunar Pen" which lets Serena adopt various disguises. Serena chooses to be a sophisticated talent scout, and promptly trips on the heels. She gets in, though, and fights the 2 bad guys in there.

Serena quickly decides to run, but Luna tells her to try her tiara. Serena gets the woman and asks the guy to surrender. He stops her tiara and Serena is afraid again. Tuxedo appears and helps out, and the enemy runs off. Now everybody wakes up and the curse is off.

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