Sailor Moon 4: So You Want To Be A Superstar

By Episode 4, Serena is really learning her powers and coming to accept her role in the world as a fighter of evil.

Serena is late to school again, and Melvin says Serena could be a superstar. The evil group decides to use the current superstar - Saffron - to grab energy from all these starry eyed kids.

Molly and Serena try making a rock video, singing the Sailor Moon song. After watching a pet trick show, Serena decides instead to use Luna to become famous. Molly then turns to Melvin and dresses him up as a girl for her video. The evil guys capture Saffron and impersonate her, telling all the kids to enter the "StarQuest" in teams of 2.

Luna insists she will NOT be part of this and Serena cries. Darian tries to chat with her but she goes home. The rest of the school all enters and goes into the finals. There's a big fight amongst the various contenders. As they get to the finals, a giant disco ball starts to suck out their energy.

Serena goes to save everybody but is afraid and runs and hides. Luna convinces her to fight, and Serena gets frozen. All seems lost, but Tuxedo Mask breaks her out and she uses her tiara to dispel the monster and shatter the disco ball.

Everybody wakes up, and Serena decides she doesn't want to study. As if that's any different than usual!

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