Sailor Moon 5: Computer School Blues

Episode 5 introduces us to Amy, a smart girl from another school who turns out to be Sailor Mercury. Sailor Moon now has an ally!

At the beginning, Luna warns Serena about the new girl at school. The kids all tease the girl - Amy - for being too smart. Serena meets Amy after school and they start talking. Amy says she likes to read in the library and Serena thinks this is strange.

They go to the arcade and Amy does really well at Sailor Z, drawing a crowd, but has to run off because she has a computer course. It's a 3 hour course. Amy forgets her disk and Serena brings it to the course building. Darian shows up and Luna and Serena run off in panic, thinking he has heard them talking together.

Now they decide to examine the disk and find it's an evil brainwashing program. Serena uses her disguise pen to turn into a school superintendant, but once inside she realizes that Amy is just an innocent victim and fights off the evil woman who throws sharp papers. The students are zombies that attack too.

Luna realizes that Amy is Sailor Mercury and teachers her "Mercury Power" which makes tons of bubbles. Sailor Moon throws her tiara and dispels the evil woman, and the two are happy to be a team.

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