Sailor Moon 6: Time Bomb

This is the first episode with Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury together. It involves everybody being stressed about being late and having too much to do.

The bad guys decide to use the energy of everyone on Earth being stressed about getting things done. They set up a watch and clock store with magical clocks that make people very worried about getting things done. The girls can't afford the cute cat-shaped clock but Serena's mom buys two.

At midnight the clock shines a light on Serena and Luna sees it. The parents are sleeping in separate beds?? The next day, everybody is super busy. The teacher cancels class - she has 4 dates that night. The cat brings the clock to Amy and gives her a mini data computer. Amy tries to analyze the clock but the light escapes.

Serena is stuck on a bus and crashes near Amy. They want to go examine the clock shop but Serena, impatient, just goes running in. Amy follows but Luna can't follow. The two challenge the evil lady, and Mercury now has a VR visor in her uniform. She analyzes the room. Sailor Moon turns into a baby because of the time power of the room.

Both girls get frozen, and Tuxedo Mask uses his rose to free them. Mercury does a Bubble Blast and everything settles back to normal. Serena, who never learns much, decides to go running to a shoe sale and falls, hurting herself.

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