What Is Sailor Moon?

You may have run across a Sailor Moon fan in your life, or seen the merchandise or shows on TV. Just what is this phenomenon all about?

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon began its life as a Japanese comic book, written by Takeuchi Naoko. Soon the comic book had its own tv show, and this was dubbed into English. It began showing in the US in 1995, and a total of 82 episodes had been translated as of 2000. In 2000 another batch of episodes were translated, and began showing on The Cartoon Network that year.

There are currently 200 episodes in Japanese, and 141 in English. The writers have no intention to make any more.

In a refreshing change from most male-centered cartoons, Sailor Moon is made up of five teenage girls in sailor outfits who face off against the Dark Kingdom. The sailors are all 14 year old girls, and are:

Sailor Moon - Serena - loyal
Sailor Mercury - Amy Anderson - smart
Sailor Mars - Raye Hino - dedication
Sailor Jupiter - Lita - strong
Sailor Venus - Mina - leadership

Sailor Moon Episode Listing 1-40

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