Spirited Away - Tea Party

The animation in Spirited Away appealed to many. Here is an image of the teaparty at granny's house. I have to say, this is one of the scenes that disappointed me. Chihiro knew granny for maybe an hour or two and suddenly she's fast friends, crying when she leaves and saying she'll never forget her. The two little cute creatures go through all this trouble and effort to make her a hair band, but the hair band really has no use. You get throwaway situations like "Oh the 2 creatures could have changed back at any time" and "Love broke the spell on the seal". After all Chihiro did to get here, the scene was very muddled and unfocussed. Pretty much all it did was say "this person you thought was a threat wasn't a threat after all - and oh, look, Haku is ok."

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