Biking Upton Forest

Upton is between work and home now, and yet we don't go there a lot. The first part of the loop is really "large bits of gravel" which is one of my most-hated terrain types. I don't mind hills, or rocks to dodge, but lots of small sharp gravel bits to dig your bike through? No thanks. There is a nice pond at the bottom of that loop, plus electric line trails further on, so those are nice. The trails through the middle are suitable for hiking, but aren't well maintained and awful for biking.

We were last out here in June 1998, when I took my 9 year old out. The beginning legs of the trail are nice and flat, mostly sand and some rock, great for a just-learning mountain biker. If you've got kids that want to see what trail riding is like, but aren't ready for tricky stuff yet, this is just the ticket! We had a blast.

Order Stuart Johnson's
"Mountain Biking Near Boston"
an excellent reference with maps!

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