Dr. No

Sean Connery
Released 1962

Reviewed and Researched by Lisa Shea

Starting the famous James Bond series was Sean Connery, Ursula Andress and Jack Lord in the 1962 original spy thriller movie. It began with the 'man being shot' (not Bond), then the silohuetted women for the title page. Being the 60s, this one featured clothed women dancing. Soon it segues into three blind men walking to 'three blind mice' reggae style.

The movie, being the first and set in the 60s, is rather rough and rowdy. James shoots an unarmed man in the back. He sleeps with a spy and then sends her off to the police. He stomps on a spider who has already climbed off him.

The Bond Girl, "Honey", only shows up near the end of the movie - and is a quiet shell collector orphan.

We're introduced to Bond's trademark "Bond, James Bond", merely a response to a woman introducing herself in the same manner. His trademark martini is made with limes in his hotel room, lemon in the dinner. And Dom Perignon is poured for dessert.

Wine, Martinis and Cocktails
At James' hotel, the waiter says, "one medium dry vodka martini, mixed like you said sir, not stirred". There's a bottle of Smirnoff vodka and Lillit blanc there with the lime.

At the Evil Lair, Dr. No presents the drinks.

"A medium dry martini, lemon peel, shaken not stirred."
"Of course."

The lady gets a glass of red wine.

For dinner, Champagne is poured into triangular flute. "That's a Dom Perignon '55 - it would be a pity to break it," says Dr. No when Bond gets agitated. "I prefer the '53 myself," responds Bond, sitting down.

Apparently Bond agrees with Marilyn Monroe. She often said that her favorite drink was the 1953 Dom Perignon.

Incidentially, Dom Perignon is the single-vineyard vintage release from the famous Champagne house Moet et Chandon.

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