James Bond Champagne Choices

Sean Connery
First Seen in Dr No

Reviewed and Researched by Lisa Shea

James Bond considers Champagne to be the ultimate drink, and he doesn't save it for once a year! Instead he drinks it at just about any meal. Incidentially, Dom Perignon is the single-vineyard vintage release from the famous Champagne house Moet et Chandon.

Above you see him in his first movie, Dr. No, with a flute of Champagne. When Bond tries to escape, he grabs the bottle to bash a guard with. "That's a Dom Perignon '55 - it would be a pity to break it," says Dr. No quietly. "I prefer the '53 myself," responds Bond, sitting down.

Apparently Bond agrees with Marilyn Monroe. She often said that her favorite drink was the 1953 Dom Perignon.

In #2, James has a bottle of Taittinger Blanc de Blanc in the river, keeping cool, while he seduces Sylvia Trench, the golfing woman from the first movie. Later, Bond and Tatiana have a bottle of Taittinger Blanc de Blanc Champagne with their sole.

In the third movie, Goldfinger, Bond is seducing a lady and has TWO bottles of Dom Perignon '53 chilling. He says to her, "My dear girl, there are some things that just aren't done. Such as drinking Dom Perignon '53 above a temperature of 38 degrees Farenheight. That's as bad as listening to the Beatles without earmuffs." The woman he hooks up with later on, "Pussy Galore", is also known as "Champagne Leader".

Next, in Thunderball, he has "Beluga Caviar, Dom Perignon '55". So he is moving up the vintage scale. He also drinks Champagne with Domino while they watch the parade, but they don't say which one.

Movie #5, You Only Live Twice. This movie is famous for its sake drinking, but there's also Champagne. James (in disguise) first refuses alcohol because 'it's too early'. A secretary coos, "A Dom Perignon '59, Mr. Fisher. Are you really sure you won't change your mind?" Bond replies, "Well, if you insist ..." This was done in '67 so a '59 would have been 8 years old. Perhaps at this point the '53 and '55 were past their prime?

Movie #6 was On Her Majesty's Secret Service with poor one-time-Lazenby. James orders a "Dom Perignon '57" with caviar - "Royal Beluga - north of the Caspian". I guess he likes the '57 better than the '59. Does he only like odd numbered years? He also has an unnamed Champagne later during the bullfight.

No Champagne in #7, Connery's last real Bond movie! Poor guy ...

Movie #8 was the first with Roger Moore, Live and Let Die. James asks for a "Bollinger" without even specifying the vintage. Later, though, he does have some Dom Perignon while he seduces the CIA agent by the river.

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