My Warrior - Glynnis Campbell

It's funny how different people relate to different types of heroines. I hear that some people loved the blonde heroine in the first story, and disliked Cambria in this story for being too impetuous. That was the whole point :) Each brother has a very different personality, and is drawn to a very different type of girl. I give Glynnis great credit for not just churning out the same story with the same characters. Glynnis is as different from Linet as can be. For me, this is a VERY good thing.

My Warrior is the second book in the trilogy, about the second brother, Holden de Ware. Where his older brother Duncan is the consummate knightly eldest son, Holden has to fight for what he wants. He is a well seasoned warrior and looks down on the average woman with a mild eye. It's only when he runs into the feisty she-warrior Cambria that his pulse quickens.

Cambria is raised to be impetuous. She's an only child. She's raised to become Laird of her castle, a thing accepted in Scottish society. She's indulged, and has no mother to guide her. She grows up wild. So yes, she's extremely hot tempered and quick to react. She never did learn the patience and rational thought skills. If you think Cambria is wild, read the next trilogy about the Warrior Maidens of Rivenloch to see what true wildness is :)

Anyway, Cambria's father dies, and Scotland is being torn apart by war. Holden is the representative of England and trying to bring peace. Other Scots - if you think Cambria is impetuous - are doing suicidal runs against the English, dying by the scores. There is treachery within Holden's ranks, so he has to deal with Cambria trying her best to stay independent, his own forces, and the wild Scots.

But Holden loves a challenge - and has finally met up with a woman who puts a spark in his heart. He is very intrigued by Cambria and her hell-bent desire to do what she feels is right. I can definitely see the attraction there, and understand why he feels she is worth taming. I can also really see Cambria's gradual attraction to the power and skill of the man who woos her.

I read the book straight through, and was caught up in the storyline the whole way through. The only thing that seemed a bit forced was how Holden behaved near the end to her - I won't mention the specifics so that the plot isn't ruined. However, he is so straightforward with her up until then that it seemed a bit unreasonable for him not to explain then what his concerns were. Also, if he did have concerns, it seemed unreasonable that he did not take steps to address them, instead just abandoning the situation.

In any case, a great read, and a storyline I enjoyed greatly!

I do want to add one more comment. The book makes a point to talk about how rough life is for a bastard child - and this is something repeated in the subsequent book. However, Holden casually talks about having many bastards lying around - and unlike his brother Duncan, who cares for the kids at least, Holden apparently has no idea where they are or who they are. So all these poor kids are growing up with the stigma of being bastards, and don't even have a male presence in their life. Holden's far away and doesn't even see them, never mind be nice to them. He apparently didn't care at all about their mothers while they were pregnant. It makes his subsequent over-the-top worry for Cambria's pregnancy a bit hard to take.

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