Anthem Restaurant Review

When I took my father in to see the Rolling Stones concert at the Fleet Center / Boston Garden, I wanted to eat somewhere near the concert that was really nice. My father loves "comfort food", and Anthem came to the top of every guide that I read. I arranged with my sister to meet there at 5pm on a Friday evening, for a nice family dinner.

The restaurant already was completely sold out for the evening as far as reservations went, but they very kindly agreed to seat us anyway as we were so early. The room is very large - cavernous almost - but at 5pm it was still quiet and quite empty. There was a bookcase / wall of wine to one side, with a ladder for the "wine angels" to climb and fetch the bottles. Not quite as huge as the tower in Vegas, but still quite impressive.

The one page menu at first seems rather short, but there is a lot of information packed into that page. We each ordered an appetizer - tuna sashimi, calamari, and hummis. All three are favorites of mine so I was thrilled to be able to sample each one. My tuna sashimi was delicious, and had crunchy wasabi peas that were very cool to eat. Dad's calamari was fresh and flavorful, with a fruity salsa. My sister's hummis was quite delicious and large, with a bowl of olives on one side. We delved into the olive selection and there was even hummis left over for her to take home with her.

On to the main dish. Dad had meatloaf with mashed potatoes, which was exactly what he had been craving. He loved it. He traded off the plethora of green beans to my sister for her onions that had come with her salmon. I had the salmon as well. It was very flavorful and tasty.

For dessert she had the creme brulee - mint and ginger - while I had the chocolate cake. Dad and I had port as well. I should point out here that the waitresses were incredibly prompt and quite on top of things. Our water glasses were always full, they asked after new drinks just as we were getting ready to finish our current ones. The dishes were all just what we wanted and they made sure to check on us after each placement.

By the time 7pm rolled around the place was almost full, and at this point it did get a bit loud. The polished wood surfaces, large glass windows and high ceilings made the sound echo. We were very glad we'd come in early to have our quiet, private time to talk and really relax together.

All in all I was *thrilled* that we were able to eat here, and I would return again in a heartbeat - I'd just make sure that we came early again, to have that peaceful ambiance.

Menu: Not huge, but a number of great comfort foods
Wine List: A good selection of bottles and by the glass
Dress: The restaurant looks gorgeous, but they are fine with business casual dress
Staff: Amazingly prompt, friendly, helpful and attentive. The highest marks!

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