Ruby Tuesday Manchester CT

First, it's important for me to say that we absolutely adore the Ruby Tuesday chain. We will go out of our way when driving to look up where the closest Ruby Tuesday is. That's how we ended up at this Manchester one. We happened to be in the area shopping for kayaks and on the way home we naturally tried to figure out where to get to a Ruby Tuesday.

This is located in a mall system, around the back side. Once you park, if you come in from the street entrance, you have to walk through the restaurant to get to the "inside the mall" entrance in order to get seated. We were greeted promptly and brought to our seat.

And waited.

Eventually a waitress came over to take our orders. I asked for a bottle of one of their mid-range whites. She then asked, five ounce or eight ounce? So she wasn't really listening. My boyfriend drinks a fair amount of Diet Coke with his meal so to make it easier on the server he asks for a small plate of lemons/limes right at the start so the server and do easy refills without worrying about those. Every other Ruby Tuesday we've been in has understood the idea and been grateful for the help. This server heard the request and brought him a small plate with 2 lemons on it. I think she didn't quite get the point.

So we headed over to the salad bar. The salad bar is a key reason we adore the Ruby Tuesday chain. It's the perfect way to start the meal. But unfortunately they don't seem to take care of the salad bar at the Manchester location. Several things were completely empty. It hadn't been cleaned recently. With the salad bar being an important part of the Ruby Tuesday experience, it was quite a shame.

I had the salmon, and he had a chicken dish, both with spaghetti squash. Again, spaghetti squash is something we've had at many other Ruby Tuesdays. We know what the dish is supposed to be like. Whoever made this spaghetti squash had been very lazy. It was dry and crusty. Apparently we got the "corner pieces" that were in solid chunks with burned parts. This really shouldn't have been served out to customers.

And our waitress was extremely slow. My boyfriend sat without anything to drink for most of his meal. Luckily as I'd gotten a bottle of wine I didn't have this issue. And yes, Connecticut lets you bring the remainder of your bottle home, so that's a good thing.

Yes, I adore Ruby Tuesdays in general, and I like the menu offerings and salad bar. But the Manchester Ruby Tuesday in particular doesn't seem to live up to the many other branches we've eaten at. The salad bar has issues. The main meals have issues. The service had issues. And to top it off, while we were there someone did a poor job of mopping the floor near our table, without drying it off. This made the floor extremely slick.

I would much rather eat at the Olive Garden around the corner, and have their endless salad, rather than deal with the issues I've seen here again.

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