Erawan of Siam, Waltham Restaurant Review

Thai food is high on my list of favorite foods, so I was very happy to meet up with a friend to have a long lunch at Erawan of Siam, in the center of Moody Street. The restaurant's interior is *gorgeous*. There are numerous high quality hand-carved wooden dioramas, statues and decorations around the large room. There is a fountain, many different table groupings and much more. It doesn't feel cluttered at all - it's like you are in a quiet Thai temple, relaxing and enjoying an afternoon.

The waitstaff was exceptional. I drink a lot of water and these people were there every single time, without any prompting. This is really hard to find at any restaurant! I got my standard favorites, chicken satay and beef massaman curry. Both were delicious. My friend really enjoyed his dish as well, something involving chicken. I was too busy devouring my curry to notice :).

We stayed talking for over two hours, and we were never rushed or hurried in any way. The staff worked around us, managing the tables and going on with their afternoon tasks. The fountain burbled nearby. The food was so tasty, and the environment was so relaxing, that we could probably have stayed there talking until dinner and then began with another meal. Unfortunately, I spotted inclement weather through the large street windows and decided we really did have to head out.

Very well recommended!

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