Kennedy's Marlboro Restaurant Review

A year or so ago we went to Kennedy's as part of a women's dinner out. This casual pub in Marlboro is all about dark wood and relaxing fun, with high backed booths, a drawing of John F Kennedy on one wall, a well worn bar to one side. We enjoyed the homemade style food but had all sorts of problems with the bill getting handled right. It was the first time we'd had a problem like this with the bill, and we figured we'd come back eventually to try again.

We went recently, and as fate would have it they seated us at the same large table by the bar. We had a rather cramped table with screaming children on one side of us, the noisy bar behind us. We waited a while for the waitress to get drinks ordered and delivered. We got in our main orders.

One person got their salad with blue cheese rather than ranch, but in general items came out the way they should have. The special - turkey with maple - was very sweet.

Kennedys Marlboro

My veal parm was simple but good. Maybe not quite in the realm of the price range on the menu, but tasty. That is - good comfort food, but you can find good comfort food at all sorts of restaurants in the area for less money. Also with a more reasonable dinner atmosphere.

Kennedys Marlboro

For dessert a number of us got the carrot cake, and some got the ice cream. I got the carrot cake. Again, it was good, but very simple and with gobs of icing. None of us could finish it. We would rather have had less cake with less icing and more spice to it. The person who got the ice cream commented that it was 90% fudge, 10% ice cream. She'd rather have the opposite ratio.

Kennedys Marlboro

The main problem came again with the bill. We always split the bill when we go out, since we all run our own businesses and have to tax deduct the meals. We do this every month (sometimes several times a month) and waitresses always handle it quite easily. Here it turned into a major production. Finally the waitress was going to start everything all over again and by this point one of the women simply put the whole bill on her own card to get it over with. We all reimbursed her manually.

If the service was excellent, or the atmosphere was great for being out with friends, or the food was great, it would be worth it to go back. However, with the combination of things going on here, combined with prices that are a bit high for what you get, we have plenty of other favorites in the Marlboro area that we'll go back to rather than try here for round #3.

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