McCormick & Schmick's Restaurant Review

We went to McCormick & Schmick's before a performance of Spamalot. Our reservations were for 6pm on a Saturday night, and when we got there the place was PACKED. a large crowd hung around the main station, waiting for a table or waiting to put in their name. The bar area off to one side was very nice with a long, polished wood bar and ivory stained glass lamps. A central glass case held gorgeous ship models. Luckily, as we did have the reservations, we were brought down to our table quickly.

The tables are relatively close together but still give you some ability to have a conversation and be heard. The chairs are not very "sturdy" - one in our party had to get a new chair as hers was very wobbly. They have thin legs and a thin, open back. Just something to keep in mind. The rooms have a lot of dark wood, fish motif decorations and gorgeous stained glass lighting. One large stained glass light that I loved had fish swiming around it plus a crab in its center.

They print up large menus fresh every day, which led to some amusement as we got 2 different menus brought to us. We sorted that out quickly enough and got the right ones all around. I love how the menu tells you exactly where the seafood items come from. I had the ahi tuna appetizer and the mahi-mahi with peanut sauce main dish. Others at our table had clam chowder, coconut shrimp, monk fish. My boyfriend also got the mahi-mahi.

I really loved the ahi tuna cubes. They were delicious and very high quality. The person who got the shrimp said that it was some of the best he'd ever had. So far, so good.

Unfortunately both my boyfriend and I didn't care much for the mahi-mahi. The menu in fact said it was from Key Largo which is where we *love* to go and eat Mahi-Mahi. It's of course why we ordered it. We found it to be very dry, plain, and pretty much no peanut sauce at all.

The dessert tray was very tempting and I got the Boston cream pie which was very tasty. My boyfriend got the apple pie with cinnamon on it plus the cinnamon ice cream. Unfortunately the ice cream was so mild in flavor that you really couldn't taste it at all. There wasn't a dessert wine list but the waitress recited for us the port selections, so that we could get something to go with the dessert.

We would definitely come back again, but were a bit surprised at how non-spectacular the mahi dish was. Also, even though 2 in our party were drinking only water, and the other 2 of us went through our wine midway through our meals, the water glasses were only rarely refilled and often only after sitting empty for a while. It can be really tough to eat a meal when you have nothing at all to drink with it.

Menu: Wonderful seafood options plus some grilled meats as well
Wine List: A good selection of bottles and by the glass
Dress: I saw a number of suits and "evening out" attire here
Staff: Friendly and helpful but not very good at water and other such issues

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