The Oregon Club Ashland Restaurant Review

The Oregon Club in Ashland is a white colonial house which, at one time long past, was a speakeasy. The restaurant revels in that connection and does its best to maintain the atmosphere. The waiter was in black. The rooms were dark wood and moss green, with nicely textured table runners. The decor was funky and homespun - a large deer head on one wall wore dark glasses and a hat. The music ranged from Carole King to Asia, from Gordon Lightfoot to Simon & Garfunkel.

And the food. Delicious! We began with prosecco. I had a carpaccio which was just right, while my friend had goat cheese. It came in a beautiful little red ceramic pot with a matching lid. I even tried to get a photo of it, it was so cute, but it was too dark for my camera.

The main dish was equally good. She had the steak, and I tested them out with the duck. Often duck at restaurants can be less than delicious. Here it was great, tasty, nicely seasoned.

The service could be a bit slow at times, even though there was just one other party in the room with us. But the ambiance was gentle, the meal was tasty, and we definitely ended the evening feeling that we'd want to come back again.

Well recommended.

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