Top 10 Worcester Massachusetts Restaurants

Any top 10 list is of necessity going to be biased towards the type of food the reviewer tends to eat. For example if I personally never ate at a Jewish deli, then a Jewish deli is probably not going to be on my top 10 list of restaurants. I think I have a wide range of tastes I enjoy, but do keep in mind that these are my personal favorites!

1. The Castle, Leicester
What can I say, I adore this place. The ambiance is fantastic. The service is impeccable. The wine list is amazing. Yes, it's expensive, but it is worth every penny. Perfect for an anniversary dinner.

2. Cedar Street Restaurant, Sturbridge
This is a relatively small restaurant with clean lines and fresh food. You can definitely taste the talent of the chef in every dish. I love their outdoor seating area on a sunny afternoon. Great for an elegant evening with friends.

3. Flying Rhino, Worcester
The entire menu here is absolutely delicious, and it's a great combination of casual and upscale. The staff is incredibly friendly. This is a fun Valentine's Day spot if you're in the mood for have-a-blast rather than serious-candles-and-darkness.

4. Via, Worcester
All of the trio of 111 Chop House / Sole Proprietor / Via (owned by the same family) have great food, but the 111 and Sole are VERY noisy and crowded. At Via they've done a reasonable job of cutting the noise down, and the candles hanging from the ceiling are so beautiful! Delicious food.

5. Rasoi, Framingham
This is my "comfort food". I don't even have to look on the menu - I know I want the palak paneer, aloo gobi, veggie samosas, cheese pakoras, garlic naan and LOTS of tamarind sauce. Usually I get a shiraz or cab-shiraz to go with it. The food is absolutely delicious.

6. Publick House, Sturbridge
This is my family get together spot. It's comfy, it is an authentic building from the 1700s! Old wood beams, fireplace, candles, you really get a sense of history here. The food is good and you can easily find discount coupons to save the relatively high cost.

7. Racha Thai, Millbury
Another comfort food kind of place. Delicious beef masaman curry with glass noodle soup and chicken satay. I love the hanging lamps here, I really need to get a photo of them! They look like flower petals.

8. O'Connors, Worcester
The caveat here is that it can get loud and crowded - but they have an awesome beer list and delicious Irish food.

9. Vinny T's, Shrewsbury
Delicious food, large portions, a fun atmosphere, perfect for a night out with the girls or guys.

10. Firefly's, Marlboro
Finish it off with some pulled pork and delicious BBQ in a fun atmosphere.

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