MAXELL P-10 Cassette Adapter

If you've ever used any sort of cassette tape system, it's likely you've seen the MAXELL name. This device is pretty much a must-have for connecting any audio signal into your tape player.

The concept is very simple. You stick the tape cassette into your tape deck, whether it's in your car, your RV, your house, your boat. The other end of the cable is a simple, normal headphone plug. This means you can use it in your iPod or any other MP3 player. You can use it for CD players, radios, and other devices too.

There are really no moving parts, no batteries to wear down, nothing else. This makes it super easy to use, and great for playing your MP3 music out of any car you hop into. You don't have to wire things up, fiddle with radio stations, or worry about static. The sound goes directly out of your machine and into the stereo's tape deck. Voila!

I have 2 or 3 of these around the house, and the Maxell one works wonderfully. Highly recommended - keep one in the car, one in the house, and one with you when you travel. You never know when they'll come in handy!

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