Portable MP3 Player Comparison

There are many types of portable MP3 players on the market. What options should you look for when selecting a MP3 player for yourself?

The main thing to look for when choosing an MP3 player is storage. You can always squash your MP3 files down to a very small size to get more to fit, but you lose audio quality when you do that. You want to have the maximum amount of space possible on your MP3 player so you can keep your song file sizes large and still fit many onto your player.

There are different styles of storage for portable players. These are flash, hard drive, and CD players.

Flash memory is like memory in your computer. This memory is built into the player, and with a cable and software you can easily update the contents of the player from a computer. Flash memory is non-moving and perfect for situations where you are jogging or moving quickly.

Hard drive systems have an actual hard drive built into the player. Again, you would load songs on and off the player using a cable and a computer. While the hard drive often means they can hold more songs than a flash memory system, they also have real spinning parts within them. This might be fine for riding in a car, but would not be good for active sports situations.

Finally, there are MP3 CD players. Just like you can put audio tracks on a CD, you can put MP3 files on a CD and fit 5 times as many songs on the same CD. This provides a great deal of storage space, and you can change CDs whenever you want. However, it again has spinning components which make it not great for sports situations. CDs can get scratched and become unplayable.

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