Rio 600 MP3 Player

We used our two Rio 600 MP3 players for over a year. While they are generally good units, there are several problems that are worth noting.

Rio 600 MP3 Player First, with 32MB, we can fit around 10 songs onto the MP3 player. While this is great for a daily selection on the bus or in the car, when we've taken trips those 10 songs get old REALLY quickly. So depending on how you're going to use it, that limit may be fine or may drive you crazy.

Next, as much as we've tried to be very careful with our units, they drop sometimes. They fall out of pockets, or down the stairs, or your hands slip while using them. Sure, I don't expect the units to last if you drop them onto concrete from 30 feet. But even the smallest drop seems to damage pins and switches. We have numerous problems with our Rios, from buttons not working to bizarre behavior, from even slight mishaps.

The headphones aren't really a big deal to us because we probably have 20 sets of headphones around the house. Most people who enjoy music have headphones already - getting a set with their MP3 is the least of their worries. Yes, the default headphones are barely adequate, but that is hardly a reason to choose or not choose a MP3 player.

We found the software to be quite good - and plus, just about every other MP3 software package we use also sees the Rio. So even if you don't like the software that comes with the Rio, you're hardly stuck for options.

The main issues we have really come down to its small memory size and its flimsy quality. Sure, you can buy more memory for it. But it's probably far wiser to buy a higher quality unit that already comes with more memory, and have it last you many years.

We now have iPods and love them.

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