Monster iCarPlay Wireless Radio iPod System

In essence with the Monster iCarPlay setup you get a cable that plugs into your car's cigarette lighter. The other end plugs into your iPod. In between these two ends is a radio station chooser. You can rotate between three different channels. You choose one of the channels, and tune your car's radio station to that channel. Voila! The signal sends out wirelessly from your iPod right into the radio system.

Monster iCarPlay Wireless Radio iPod System Because there are 3 stations to choose from, you should be able to fine 1 of them that is not currently occupied by a strong local signal. Usually on my radio at least 2 if not all 3 are able to be used. There's no clicking noise from tape player connections, no other issues. The signal is clear and strong.

We've even used this on drives where one person was following the other and both people could listen to the story or the book-on-tape. That's a pretty cool feature :)

The only real downside is the cost. When I purchased this, it was about a $100 unit. That's as much as some MP3 systems! Nowadays the price has come down a lot so that's less of an issue.

Also the connector that goes into the iPod isn't a regular headphone jack connection - it goes into the data transmission end. So the system only works with an iPod (or other MP3 players that use the exact same jack as the iPod does).

That being said, if you want nice, clear iPod sound in your car, and can spare the money, this is the way to go. We've used ours for years and are very pleased with it.

We purchased our unit with our own funds.

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