Creating an iTunes MP3 Podcast

In essence, all a Podcast is is a MP3 file that somebody puts out weekly. Think of it as a weekly radio show, but done with a series of MP3 files. All you need to do, therefore, is create a MP3 file, and then put it where the podcast community can find it.

Learning about Podcasts
Start by downloading the free iTunes software and going into Music Store once it's running. There's a "podcasts" link on the left. Browse through a variety of podcasts to see what they're like, how they sound, and what you might want to do in your own. If you do a shoddy job with a podcast, few will listen to it. Remember, there's competition out there. People only have 24 hours in a day. You have to do a quality job if you want your podcast to gain an audience. That doesn't mean you need super-duper software or a sound stage!! It just means you must PAY ATTENTION and plan out your podcast, so that people enjoy it.

Creating your MP3 Broadcast File
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